The two main differences are that our freelance / outsource service is a managed service. If you have to do the work of reviewing multiple freelance proposals, checking references, getting NDA’s signed before even discussing the project, and then staying in touch with the freelancer through every step of the project, are you really getting a service that makes your life easier?

It is our belief that type of model is not a huge value-add for you at all. That’s why we are different than others in that we completely manage the outsourcing / freelance process for you. Of course, you can be as involved as desired. But you don’t have to be.

We assign you a Project Manager, get the details about your project and scope, determine the resource needs, find, vet, and assign the freelancers, and track their progress – including quality of work and meeting deadlines – every step of the way. When the project is finished, we also review it thoroughly before it is handed to you and/or your team for review.

Additionally, we use a proprietary project management dashboard with our teams for all projects, You will receive a log in to this dashboard and can log in whenever you like for a real-time, visual, snapshot of your project progress.

Finally, once we have worked with freelancers who we consider the “cream of the crop”, we do our very best to build continuing, long-term, relationships with them. In many cases, we make them a part of our permanent team. This could likely mean you work with the same PM – and even freelancer(s) – on a repeating basis. Thus, they begin to feel like an important part of your team too!

TOPO Talent Connect takes every precaution against hiring freelancers who do not meet the ascribed standards of our brand. With a thorough recruiting and hiring process that includes comprehensive vetting, our goal is always ensuring your projects are kept private and the work you have commissioned remains yours.

TOPO Talent Connect is not simply a database chock-full of freelancers. By focusing on a unique subset of creative, technical, and administrative independent experts, we aim to achieve a three-dimensional, highly-scalable, creative consultancy. Combined with our top-tier Project Administrators and project management professionals and proprietary project management center, our team and resources propel your business to the bleeding edge of workforce innovation.

At TOPO Talent Connect, we make it easy. Offering variable models for project initiation and management, we work with you to ensure streamlined communication and project success. With our various engagement models in place, you can choose how involved you want to be in the project process from hiring to closing. We understand that every project will have unique constraints and will work with you to personalize our services in a way that best meet your needs.

TOPO Talent Connect is proud to have partnered with HireRight and will conduct a thorough background check before any freelancer is hired for your project, if deemed necessary for security or privacy reasons. To enquire more about what is included in the background check services we offer, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our Project Administrators, today!

For all our projects, we aim to hire and work with freelancers only within regions of stability, where laws related to privacy and non-disclosure are made accountable. We diligently monitor and control the on-boarding process, having each freelancer sign an enforceable non-disclosure agreement. We then ready them for success using our specialized, SOP-driven on-boarding processes.

We also ensure that all of our freelancers have full “office” capabilities before they are placed in our network. Most live in the continental US and work either out of home offices are co-working office spaces.

At TOPO Talent Connect, we only provide verified, vetted, freelancers who understand their personal liability in protecting your information. Our hiring, SOP, and quality assurance protocols lay the foundation, taking every precaution to make sure your project deliverables and personal information are kept private and secure.

All of our freelancers sign a nondisclosure agreement for every project they work on, making them liable for any disclosure or illegal release of information. We value your business and hope to outcompete competitors who offer much less in terms of both quality and outcome. If you have questions, start by talking to one of our Project Administrators today!

While not commonly needed, in most cases, onsite visits – at the client’s expense – are possible. Just let your PM know if this is something you desire.

Our project initiation process ensures we understand your project milestones, budget, and product goals from the very beginning. We are also well-versed in managing virtual resources on an international front. We will work to find the right freelancer who is available and excited to work with you.

Our engagement modalities cover the gamut from quick turnover, task-oriented, projects to longer, strategic project deliveries. Additionally, our quality assurance protocols ensure that throughout the project, checkpoints are in place to determine you are happy with the work output and that it has been efficiently and professionally delivered. You will even have access to your project process through a web-based project management portal so you can be as hands-on or hands-off as desired.

Just request a quote and we will take it from there!

Once we receive the quote request, one of our Account Managers will contact you to discuss the specifics of your project to determine whether we can meet your needs and expectations.

Once your quote request has been received, we’ll assign you & your business an Account Manager and/or a Project Manager. Your Account Manager and/or Project Manager will then schedule and perform a discovery interview – with at least another member of our strategy team – to get the details about your project and/or needs so we can determine scope & resource requirements.

Next, your AM/PM team (Account Manager + Project Manager) will work with our strategists to design a project proposal, along with an estimated timeline and the associated hours / cost.

Any necessary back-and-forth then occurs, including finalization of rate and term.

Once there is a mutual agreement on all elements of your project, you will be sent your client account portal log in information.

You can always find their invoices and other account-specific information in the client portal. Once the starting payment has been processed securely within the client portal, you are then a full client and we begin work!

For Custom Quote Project-Based Services – 

At TOPO Talent Connect, our management fee is included on your invoice each month. Our pricing model is transparent, you will only be billed for time spent administering your project.



Your package specifics – including price – will be located on your Proposal Agreement in the “Documents” section of your account in our project management dashboard. Additionally, the price will be shown on your transaction receipt of your first invoice / payment.

Unlike with our competitors and similar services and platforms, we do not require a “deposit” that is held until work is completed. Some services and packages may include a retainer agreement but that goes toward actual services and is not a “deposit.” Any time an initial payment is made, this constitutes agreement with your Proposal Agreement.

Once a client accepts a Proposal Agreement, a credit card will be placed on file. Clients are billed twice per month—on the 1st and 15th. Invoices are Net 10 and thus, you will have 10 days to review any invoice and ask questions – or change payment source – before your credit card is charged, ACH transfer initiated, or PayPal payment processed.

Major credit cards are preferred. If this is not possible for some reason, please let your AM/PM team know so that other options may be considered.

Once you are a full client, your AM/PM team will set up an account in our Project Management Dashboard.

Next, an appointment will be scheduled with you for an on-boarding session. the on-boarding session is a quick and easy overview of how to navigate in and utilize the dashboard system. Additionally, we are creating tutorial videos for all PM Dashboard processes as well.

You only “need” to be as involved as desired. We track all of our freelancers and projects through our proprietary PM Dashboard and this is kept up-to-date daily to show all tasks, due dates, and percentage complete. You will have an account that can “see” all of these things as well.

You can check the dashboard with your account at any time to see status – or never check it at all.  It’s up to you! Either way, our PM’s will diligently be managing your project(s), coordinating and managing your freelancer(s), and keeping full tabs on the status of everything to ensure all due dates and milestones are met.

Thus, your project is managed 100% – whether you are involved or not. Be as hands-on or hands-off as desired!

The first 5 hours of any project – beginning with your Discovery session and culminating with your acceptance of the Wireframe Proposal Agreement created for you – are always “conditional.” This includes the proposal negotiation process.

Furthermore, because we have a “managed services”model, our process is unlike other freelance networks.  If you are not happy with any work provided, your PM will work with you to revise deliverables until you are satisfied.

While all our freelancers are fluent in English, and thoroughly reviewed and vetted before placed in our network, we know sometimes people just don’t “fit” together.  However, our PM-managed services model ensures that you essentially have a “culture” interpreter to help facilitate the relationship and communication.

On the other hand, if you have a problem communicating with your PM, we will make that right too. You will have the option to switch your PM – up to two times – should you feel it necessary (but that has not ever been necessary to date!).

First, we would love to keep your account open for future projects once we complete any contracted work. However, you are always free to close out completely and start up anew should you desire in the future.

Once your billing is canceled, you will have the choice of maintaining your account in our dashboard (so you have access to past materials) OR closing it out completely. If closed out completely, all your materials will be deleted. Again, you will let your PM know what to do with your account in the main discussion board for your project in the dashboard.

If you decide to leave your account in the dashboard open so you can access past materials, the closed project will only remain up for a period of three months. At that time, all materials will be deleted automatically from the project. Your user account, however, will remain active until you tell us to close it, up to 1 year from date of last activity.

Due to the above, if you cancel, it’s always a great idea to download anything you might need in the future. We are not responsible or liable for lost materials or information due to our execution and following of the above policies and practices.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions and can’t find the answer(s) in our FAQ’s, please contact us and someone will get back with you as quickly as possible.

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