Reduce the risk of hiring & evaluating employees or contract workers with legally-compliant AI-driven social media background screening.

You have the right and frankly, the obligation, to your other employees, customers and clients, to know whether or not someone you bring into – or keep in – your company could put stakeholders in harm’s way.

Responsible and legal social media background checks and screening could be your safeguard can help prevent future problems. Some studies show that 2/3 of all employers routinely “Google” a candidate before hiring. Yet, the problem with that is that sometimes, these employers can unwittingly be violating a candidate’s rights according to FCRA, EEOC, and state laws.
Using sophisticated AI technology, we can perform these searches for you. You get all the info you need to make wise, informed, decisions while ensuring that you stay within the parameters the law requires.
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AI Screening of Applicant Social Media Accounts lets you…

Get insights into a candidate's character, behavior, public persona and accomplishments too!
Become aware of behaviors or public comments that could be of concern to the organization
Establish culture fit / personality fit for the organization
Reduce risks of negative hiring or retention criticisms or claims

Confirmed User Match

While the AI engine performs several actions to ensure a correct match, we also manually check certain factors so there is never any question as to whether the right user is reviewed.

Stealth-Mode Discreet Review

The nature of the AI engine we use allows the social media background check to be performed without the need for the user's password & doesn't require us to "friend" the applicant.

Narrow or Custom Scope

We only review four areas of behavior/posting that can also be further refined by your organization: potentially unlawful, potentially violent, racist or intolerant, and sexually-explicit or deviant.

A Repeatable & Efficient Process

Our AI social media background screening is an easily-repeatable, efficient & accurate process that helps save you time, money and stress that could be wasted on potentially "negative" hires.

Specific Benefits of Social Media Background Screening:

Our professional, AI-generated information ensures accuracy by reducing human research error or bias
No software or complex algorithms to learn (or even understand); you get a human-readable report that is simple & straightforward.
You and your organization get the insights you need while remaining legally and ethically compliant.
Our process allows for your own decision-making discretion in hiring decisions, but with the information needed to do so in an informed manner, saving the time, money and energy that can be lost on the research process & as a result of "uninformed" decisions.