The Hassle-Free Travel Adventure

Travel can be an adventure or a major pain depending on its purpose, how well you are prepared, and obviously, where you are headed.  While we can’t make your trip to Kansas a trip to the Maldives, we can give you some pointers to make your travel more enjoyable by eliminating some of your stress.

Get Packing: The first step to any trip is packing your bags.

When at all humanly possible, the first step to any of your trips should be to pack your two bags (and two bags only).  These two bags should be a carry on and a personal item.  I know, I know, your dad, your aunt, and your neighbor all take great pride in never checking bags and you find it super annoying.  Do you know what is even more annoying?  Having no clean clothes for three days without hitting up the local clothing store in Topeka, Kansas.  Super annoying.

So, we have established that you should only take a carry on, but how? Repeat after me – compression bags!  Utilizing the miracle that is a compression bag is a must.  This allows you to fit way more clothes than you normally could in one of those excuses of suitcases referred to as a carry on bag.  Some of the compression bags on the market even have separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes, which is pretty awesome as it prevents your blouses from smelling like your gym socks half way through a business trip.

As far as that one personal item? I would vote for another small bag! This bag should contain any valuables that you are choosing to take on your trip like jewelry and electronics, travel documents, emergency snacks (this is important, no one wants to sit next to a hangry person on an airplane), and one extra outfit because these days it seems that airlines can even lose items checked at the gate.

Travel Documents Up in the Cloud…

Did you ever see Meg Ryan’s movie “French Kiss”? Her bags get stolen, and her passport is lost.  She is in a foreign country and has no documentation (or clothes) and as a result, has to go through the arduous task of getting a new passport while in a different country.  While not a total fix, scanning copies or photos of documentation (airline tickets, passports, credit cards) and storing them in your email or somewhere else on the cloud would be very beneficial in helping you navigate the process of replacing stolen or lost documents.  While a small tip, this practice could alleviate some huge headaches.

International Itineraries:

Take the time to do a little research into different programs that can make international travel smoother.

A major component of international travel is going through Customs when entering a country and depending on the airline traffic, you can quickly find yourself at the back of a very long line.  One program that can definitely speed your day along is called Global Entry.  It is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that qualifies some travelers for an expedited process.  However, this program also has application requirements so it is good to plan and apply a few months ahead of any anticipated travel.

Find out more details about Global Entry on this link:

Off the Jet Lag:

It can be quite a bummer to arrive at your destination, be in the middle of your trip, and still feel the harsh effects of jet lag and time differences.

How can this be prevented?  Well, I hate to say it, but Step 1 is to take it easy on those in-flight cocktails.  While almost incomprehensible, it turns out that a pina colada is not as hydrating as a coconut water, in fact, alcohol actually works to increase dehydration! Disappointing, but true, so steer clear of cocktails to avoid headaches and fatigue after you land.

Step 2? Once you land at your destination, try your best to push through tiredness and wait for night time at your new location before you go to bed.  One tough day at the beginning of a trip is better than multiple days where you are not adjusted to the time difference.

Overall, if you are a frequent traveler, try to take notes or recognize what works best for you.  What items do you re-use over and over on your trips? What hindrances do you find really annoying vs. ones that you can deal with?  How are you able to beat jet lag the most efficiently and effectively?  The best pointers for you can be the ones you learn yourself, and your own personal preferences should take priority when planning which travel tips to utilize.